It is our  goal here at HERO to produce healthy, even tempered, breed standard rats. Our rats are our pets first and foremost and breeders second - and are treated as such. Here at HERO: 

  •  You must be 18 years or older to adopt from us. 
  • HERO is a "Closed Rattery," meaning to prevent infection, disease or illness from entering our Rattery; we do not allow the public to enter our home. This is for the safety of our rats and is not negotiable. If you are adopting, meeting one of our "Studs," or co-breeding with us, we will meet you at an outside location and provide hand sanitizer for your use both prior to handling our rats and after handling them.  
  • If you wish to see inside the Rattery, you are welcome to view the photographs we have listed here
  • At this time, shipping out-of-state is determined on a case-by-case basis. Email us for more information. 
  • Our adoption fee ranges from $15 to $30 (adoption fee listed in each pup's bio). Rescued ratties are $10 and are adopted out under a Pet-Only Contract (not for breeding). 
  • We do not offer refunds. If you need to return your rat(s) for health issues or concerns, you may do so within 14 days from the date of adoption. If the rat(s) you are returning have legitimate heath problems or concerns you can take home another one of our available rats of equal or lesser value at that time or reserve the right to a future adoption (of equal or lesser value). All exchanges are at the discretion of Little Heroes Rattery and its volunteer staff. 
  • We will not breed any female rat prior to 4 months of age. 
  •  We will not breed any individual female more than twice per year, not to exceed four (4) litters in her entire lifetime. 
  •  We will not cull any pups from any of our litters. 
  •  We will not adopt out baby ratties prior to 4-6 weeks of age. 
  •  We offer a health guarantee, on each pup adopted, of 14 days from the date of adoption. If your pup should become ill or perish, we will replace that pup with one of our available pups or one from a future litter. 
  •  We will not knowingly adopt out a pup who is of ill health. 
  •  We ONLY adopt out ratties in same-sex pairs, unless you have other rats currently in your home. Rats are very social animals and need to be housed with at least one other rat to be happy. This goes for both males and females. 
  •  We ask that if at any point you can no longer care for your rat(s), HERO has first right of refusal to reacquiring the rat(s) . 
  • We will NOT sell our rats as feeders, breeders of feeders, for research of any kind, or to other ratteries that practice culling. We will also not sell to other ratteries that breed feeder rats or practice unethical treatment of their current rats. 
  •  We require that if you are a rat breeder and intend to use our pup in your breeding program in the future, that you use our prefix on the rats name (i.e. HERO "Rat Pup"). In addition, we ask that you notify us when our rat is bred, so we may have the option of adopting from you! Finally, we ask that you please follow the same breeding procedures with your rat as we do with ours.  
  • If you are looking to put a Hold on a rattie in our Nursery (who is too young yet to leave his/her mother), just send us an email! Holds on specific rat pups begin sometimes as early as 1 week of age (whenever the rats colors start to come in). We will accept 2nd holds on our rat pups in case the 1st hold backs out of the adoption. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse or deny adoption of our rats at our sole discretion for any reason.